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At Casa Palacio we have no issues with the weight of our dog customers
so unlike other establishments, we do not care about that
your hairy one weighs more than 10 kg

The animals miss us and therefore we consider that they must be
accompanied at all times, that is to say, they cannot stay alone in the
apartment. Consequently, we will also recommend cafés and places
where you can eat
and enjoy the gastronomy of the city with them.

For the purpose of not getting lost, we recommend that pets wear a
in common areas such as the hall or corridors. As we know that like
people, not all animals get along with each other, we ask and
advise you to carry them tied up when they are outside the apartment, also so
We keep them from getting lost or escaping.

We comply with hygienic and sanitary standards as required, therefore, we can
ask you for the vaccination card to confirm and verify that our
friends have all vaccines up to date and do not come accompanied by uninvited
bugs. If you need health care for your dog, we
will recommend you to our veterinarians. Courtesy of Casa Palacio we
place feeders and troughs on arrival, it is more, if the case, if you need
food help or any other issue that ensures the welfare of
our pets, we will help you.

If you want the cleaning service to access the room, the ideal time is
when the pet goes for a walk, therefore, you must remove the
hanger from the door and so indicate to our cleaning staff that you can access the apartment.
We also ask you to ensure that pets do not climb onto beds, sofas or showers and
do not use hotel towels for drying. We offer you items to cover sofas or beds and even we have towels and
blankets for them. Finally, just remember that the customer is responsible for your
pet and the behavior that it has and occasions such as noise or
discomfort, and must respond without limitation to any damage or damage that may
cause during your stay at the hotel, including, but not limited to
users, hotel workers, and others.

You will also be responsible for any damage caused to the facilities and/or
elements of the hotel. The amount of damage and damage will be charged on the final invoice of
the customer, for which a credit card will be collected on arrival, in addition, an
increase of 10 € per day. Daily cleaning of your apartment is included.