Dog Friendly

Casa Palacio Cádiz


At Casa Palacio we have no problem whatsoever with the weight of our doggy guests, For this reason, and in contrast to other establishments, we do not care if your pet weighs more than 10 kg. Pets miss us and that is why we believe that they should be accompanied at all times, i.e. they cannot be left alone in the flat. Consequently, we will also recommend cafés and places where you can eat and enjoy the city's gastronomy with them. In order for them not to get lost, we recommend that pets wear an identification tag in common areas such as the hall or corridors. As we know that, like people, not all animals get on well with each other, we ask and advise you to keep them on a leash when they are outside the flat to prevent them from getting lost or escaping. We comply with hygiene and sanitary standards as required, therefore, we may ask you for the vaccination booklet to confirm and verify that our friends have all their vaccinations up to date and are not accompanied by uninvited animals. If you need medical assistance for your pet, we will be happy to help you. dog, We will recommend you to our trusted vets. By courtesy of Casa Palacio, we provide them with feeding and watering troughs on their arrival case, if you need help with feeding or any other matter that ensures the wellbeing of our pets, we will help you. If you want the cleaning service to access the room, the ideal time is when the pet goes for a walk, therefore, you must remove the hanger from the door and thus indicate to our cleaning staff that they can access the flat. Also, We ask you to make sure that pets do not climb onto beds, sofas or showers and that they do not use the hotel towels to dry themselves. We offer items to cover sofas or beds and we also have towels and blankets for them. Finally, just remember that the client is responsible for their pet and the behaviour it has and occasions such as noise or disturbances, and must respond without limitation to any damage it may cause during their stay at the hotel, including but not limited to users, hotel workers, and others. The person in charge of the pet will be responsible for any damage it causes to the facilities and/or elements of the hotel. The amount of the damages and damages will be charged on the client's final bill, for which a credit card will be collected on arrival as a guarantee, in addition, an increase of 10 € per day will be charged for the stay of your pet and also includes the daily cleaning of your flat.

All set for your arrival
We have a feeding and drinking bowl so that your pet has everything it needs. We remind you that they must be kept on a lead in the communal areas.